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  • Our latest partner in BIoT solutions,
    offering automatic analysis of data from your BAS.
  • Niagara Analytics
    The industry's only truly open
    data analytics platform harnessing the Internet of Things
    to give you the power to optimize operations.

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  • Major Enhancements to the FX-PC Series
    Programmable Controller Family
    • Selectable BACnet® MS/TP or N2 field bus networking protocol
    • New Global Sequencer logic module
    • New FX-PCA3611-0 Advanced Application Programmable Control
    • FX-PCT Programming and Commissioning Tool Release 10.1
    • New Wireless Radios

Developing New Ways to Harness Data on all Devices

It is our mission to help you & your building get smart about energy management.

The Internet of Things is here to stay and with it comes the need to unify all of your devices, services and applications into one system that is easily accessed through a visual data model. We're here to help you do that.

Whether your business is commercial buildings, healthcare, retail, education, industrial process, water, or oil and gas, the Internet of Things plays a part in all that you do. From boiler management to power monitoring; from building automation to water, natural gas and occupancy control monitoring, a cohesive system allows you to work smarter by giving you the power to make decisions faster and with more information.

As a developer for the open source Distributed Services Architecture platform, we're on the vanguard of these new device management technologies. Our expert engineering team is here to get you and your business up to speed.

Product Expertise

In addition to our work with distributed systems and the Internet of Things, we are also a verified seller for the industry's leading automation equipment. Whether you purchase a product from our online store or decide to do a full system integration, our team will take care of you every step of the way. We are the exclusive California representative for Honeywell controls and offer an exclusive variety of products for your industry automation needs.

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Our Partners

We have been working with commercial and industrial building operators across the country since 1958 and we currently have more than 55 associates spread across nine offices in the U.S. Together, we create powerful solutions for every energy problem.

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