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Niagara AX - Technical Certification Training - $2,750

Controlco is a Certified Niagara Training Partner of Tridium University. Our Niagara AX Framework training classes for system integrators prepare students for Niagara AX certification in small classes offered throughout the year. Most training courses are four days of instruction and one day of testing. Students come to various training locations – most are held in in our Pleasant Hill, California, headquarters – from all over the country and with various levels of technical building automation experience.

We have been a Tridium and Niagara OEM distributor since 2001. That real-world expertise is used in our certification training classes to provide information that directly applies to situations that students will encounter in the building automation profession.

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Through this Niagara AX certification training course you will learn how to:

  • Link and configure control points
  • Build simple PX graphics
  • Write control logic
  • Driver architecture
  • Niagara network components
  • Customize the workbench environment
  • Work with the kitControl palette for control logic objects
  • Create field bus integrations including BACnet
  • Collect and analyze histories and alarms
  • Build a custom navigation scheme
  • Operate security and user administration

What our past students say:

“Jeff was an amazing instructor. He was patient and did his best to give everyone the help they needed. If I were to take the class again I would request Jeff as my instructor.”

Controlco Niagara Training Student

“I really enjoyed Jeff, he not only showed us what was in the book but also showed us examples that he found useful and answered any questions that we might have about field installations.”

Controlco Niagara Training Student

“I believe the training has put me in a position where I can safely say that I can navigate through the front end and feel somewhat at ease.”

Controlco Niagara Training Student

“Jeff was a great instructor and certainly has a tremendous amount of knowledge about this product. Very easy to learn from him.”

Controlco Niagara Training Student

Jeff Hunter

Training Director, Controlco

Jeff Hunter is the Training Director for Controlco where he provides hands-on training to engineers, contractors, facility managers, end users, and building owners to use integrated building systems. He is actively involved with the training department at Tridium and helps develop training content for them. Jeff Hunter can be contacted by email at

Frequently Asked Questions:

Cancellations are accepted with a full refund up to two weeks before the class is scheduled to begin. If you must cancel your registration within two weeks of the class, you will be charged the full amount.

No, students do not need any Niagara licenses during the class. Controlco supplies demo licenses and laptops for use during the class.

Yes, certification is required before purchase.

Prior AX certification is only required for the Crossover class. This class is an intensive two-day workshop that skips through the basics because AX certification proves a certain level of understanding of the Framework. Students who wish to become N4 certified can do so without prior AX certification through the five-day Niagara 4 training course. Or, students who have worked with Niagara AX but have never been certified may wish to take the AX test in order to qualify for the Crossover class. You can take the AX certification test up to one day prior to the Crossover class. If you pass, then you can take the Crossover course. Contact Jeff Hunter for details on taking the AX certification test without registering for the class.

The exam you take on the final day of class will be graded within two weeks. If you pass the exam, your certificate will be mailed to you.

You should consider Friday a full eight-hour day when booking your travel. Friday is test day and while some students do finish early, the pressure of catching a flight is unnecessary.

If you are using the Niagara AX framework and need to learn Niagara AX, take the Niagara AX class. If you need to know Niagara 4 framework, take the N4 class. The frameworks are similar, but each have unique aspects that are taught in each class. We recommend taking the class that will help you work on the system you have.

We recommend taking the class that will help you work on the system you have. If you are staying with your Niagara AX system, then there is no need to get the N4 certification right now. But if you know you will migrate over to the N4 system in the future, Tridium requires that you obtain N4 certification before purchasing a Niagara 4 license.

The class spends time on building simple control logic and most students find it to be a welcome refresher, since sometimes the technical details of why we do things in the Niagara 4 system are not always clear on a day-to-day basis. But the class does go beyond the basics – we learn to work with Px graphics, drivers, full system architecture and add-on applications. As a professional working in the building automation industry, a Niagara 4 framework certification is helpful, even if you already know the basics.

There are two hotels in the Pleasant Hill area - Concord Hilton at 1970 Diamond Blvd., Concord CA 94520; and Holiday Inn Express Walnut Creek at 2730 North Main St. Walnut Creek CA 94597. Unfortunately, though, we do not offer corporate discounts.